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Cathy Bryant | Coordinator | Service Delivery

I am a Peabody tenant and a full time carer to my son who is severely disabled. Cathy Bryant has been helping me over the last 6 months to make substantial and necessary adaptions to our home due to the nature of my sons disabilities. I honestly could never thank Cathy enough for her hard work and...

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Cathy Bryant | Coordinator | Service Delivery

My three children and I have been Peabody residents for nearly five years and were placed in our current home on medical grounds due to my oldest son, Sidney, being severely disabled both mentally and physically. He has a chromosome deficiency and unfortunately is the only known carrier of this con...

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Ella Rayment | Community Programme Coordinator | Community Regeneration

This was my first year supporting events at King Edwards Community Centre Laindon Essex. I was overwhelmed by the level of organisation and level of commitment by Ella and her team of supporters Jane Dobson, Ray Ali, and Siobhan Burt First event Christmas meal for local residents saw the team cook...

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Kell Byer | Agency Support Worker | Care & Support (Internal)

Every single day Kell is doing something extraordinary for the customers, as his creativity seems to be unlimited. I have seen Kell teaching customer who is autistic the value of money by putting the price on the things around, and asking customer to put the amount of the money on these objects (K...

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Joe Hutchins | Facilities Assistant | Facilities (Internal)

Joe has been really supportive of our team in ensuring that we have fans in our meeting rooms. This seems like a small gesture but Integration spends a lot of time in meetings, supporting the business in delivering projects and key outcomes. By supporting our team in ensuring we can be more comforta...

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Julie Jenkinson | PA to Head of Care South | C&S Essex (Internal)

Julie has been amazing in her pursuit to improve the lives of our customers. In the last few months she has worked tirelessly to get volunteers to decorate a number of customers homes and to get another customers garden done for her. It sounds small but I know the huge amount of time and organisatio...

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Sheila Connolly | Legal and Compliance (Internal)

I needed some advice on a fire risk assessment and leasehold property law and asked Sheila for her assistance. She was very helpful and spent time researching legislation and met with me to give me her findings, advice and booklets. I have found the information invaluable and she is always happy to ...

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Natasha Bested | Community Development Worker | Community Regeneration (Internal)

Natasha was a vital part of our Health at Home research project, the report of which was launched on 09.07.18.Natasha was a Health Navigator and used new ways of working with our vulnerable residents to help trial and develop a service which used the Patient Activation Measure and Coaching for Activ...

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Mark Barrett | Group Payments Manager | Procurement & Payments

I would like to nominate Mark for a WOW because it was late on a Friday when I was informed contractors had stopped work at a site due to non-payment of money, Mark could see I was stressed and he automatically offered assistance in resolving the issue. He was helpful and his assistance today ha...

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Leah Parker | Scheduler | Breyer - contractor (Internal)

Leah was absolutely brilliant today as per usual. A customer really needed help with a job she had booked in for next week, and she managed to go above and beyond to organise an operative from a different area to accommodate the customer's needs. She is always friendly and happy on the phone, and sh...

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Lynda Conway | Team Manager SupHsg L2 | C&S Essex (Internal)

Over the last few months unknowingly I have been grieving for the loss of my father which brought up a lot of other issues from the past. If it wasn't for Lynda helping me feel relaxed enough in my supervision to touch on these issues then I would have never accessed employee assistance programme UN...

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Suzann Potterton | Direct Payment Support Worker | C&S Essex

Adetutu Shokunbi | Housing Support Worker L1 (Devon House) | C&S Essex

Catherine Hagger | Housing Support Worker | C&S Essex

Jacqueline Puddle | Housing Support Worker | C&S Essex

Babajide Ogunrin | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

Nicholas Burrows | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

Foluke Obi | Direct Payment Support Worker | C&S Essex

Andrew Lane | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief

Susan Walker | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

On behalf of my entire Supported Accommodation team I would like to nominate them for a collective WOW award following a very difficult 2017 when we lost several customers. The professionalism and support offered to the customers and their families by my team was recognised by both external agencies...

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Anna Hanek | Assistant Leasehold Income Manager | Service Delivery

Diep Ly Jones | Leasehold Income Manager | Service Delivery

Diep and Anna do an amazing job as our Leasehold Managers at Peabody. They regularly provide accurate advice to myself and the wider Housing Management team on a wide variety of leasehold queries. Despite the fact there is only two of them and thousands of leasehold residents in Peabody's FM stock, ...

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David Reyes | Handy Service Supervisor | Service Delivery (Internal)

I cannot express how grateful that I am for Dave Reyes and his department. They are so efficient and just great at what they do. Sometimes we underestimate just how impactful a small job can enhance the safety and mental clarity to some of our tenants. Because of Dave, I have two very appreciative t...

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Devon House Team | Support Workers | C&S Essex

For Fiona Dianin, Sue Potterton, Babajide Ogunrin, Catherine Hagger, Foluke Obi, Sue Walker, Adetutu Shokunbi, Jackie Puddle, Nick Burrows, Babajide Ogunrin, Catherine Hagger, Foluke Obi, Sue Walker.The nomination below is taken from a letter written by the sister of a customer who died a few months...

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Magdalena Ogunbiyi | Environment Caretaker (Mob) | Property Services (Internal)

Magdelan was working on the estate, when she saw a small Yorkshire Terrier puppy running around the estate, she went after it to find it and it ran away. Magdelan kept looking for it and eventually found it hiding and shaking under a car - it was terrified. Magda was gentle and patient and coaxed th...

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Michelle Carter | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services

Michelle has been with the neighbourhood south team for just over a year now. Michelle is a caring and compassionate housing officer which is regularly demonstrated by informal and formal compliments received from residents and their family members. One recent example came from the mother of one of ...

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Natalie Smith | Customer Care Line Incident Manager | Customer Services

My problem was I had rotting, old fashioned, pull up and down bedroom windows, which had rotten so bad I could not open them - making my bedroom damp and mouldy. Gilmartain came about 4 times to take pictures, look and measure the windows but would not begin work. I was put onto Natalie Smith who w...

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Amanda Bairstow | Executive Assistant to the CEO | Corporate Services

Stevie Wood | Personal Assistant | Information and Technology

David Byrne | L&D Corporate Training Consultant | Human Resources

Clare Gooding | Personal Assistant to Director | Human Resources

Paul Beaton | Strategy and Communications

James Pope | Human Resources

Kevin Beatty | Strategy and Communications

Alice Markham | Assistant L&D Advisor | Human Resources

Claire Buys | Corporate Services Central

Robert Hackett | Graphic Designer | Strategy & Comms

WOW you guys! Pam and I could not have managed the Leadership Experience Day without you. Your small and large gestures are what made everything tick along so smoothly: All the 'Claires' - Claire, Amanda, Clare, and Stevie for valiantly herding the crowds, running up and down stairs, and around t...

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Lukasz Francuz | Service Desk Analyst | Information and Technology (Internal)

This may not the seem the biggest reason to go WOW but Lukasz's help recently helped me securing information needed for a large external grant we are applying for that will change the lives of young families we work with. Our grant funders needed some network queries answered if we are to secure fun...

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Ammara Shah | Purchase Ledger Supervisor | Finance (LC&C) (Internal)

I would like to nominate Ammara for a WOW as she consistently goes above and beyond to support the community team when trying to deliver our work. Whenever we need support with suppliers or issues we are having when trying to sort payments of community programmes she will work with us from start to ...

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Kevin Barclay | Mobile Handy Person | C&S London

Kevin is the handyman assigned to the Accommodation Service at Marsh Hill. Kevin has shown his dedication to the customers by attending to the smallest of task such as changing a lock/shaving a door: he does it all with a smile and patience despite challenging customers and dare I say it, sometimes ...

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Old Oak Community Centre Team | Subsidiaries - Old Oak and Charlton (Internal)

I would like to nominate the staff at Old Oak for their amazing support and contribution in the aftermath of Grenfell. From the morning the news broke, the centre was listed a s a disaster recovery centre for people to come to. Staff immediately agreed to cover each other whilst some went down to ot...

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Juliette Walcott | Neighbourhood Manager | Subsidiaries - Old Oak & Charlton

Below is a poem one of our tenant wrote and gave to Juliette. It was a thank you for the work she does and what makes this unique for me is the tenant has additional support needs and can't always articulate how she feels so she expressed it in a poem. When you read the poem it explains a little...

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Rebecca Hall | Care & Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Becci is very dedicated to her job and her customers and goes out of her way to make their lives better. Becci talks to the care customers to find out what small things might improve their lives. In one case, we have an isolated customer who only leaves her flat once a day to come down for lunch, ...

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Grace Dowswell | Volunteer Coordinator Health & Wellbeing | C&S London (Internal)

Health At Home Volunteer Team | Health and Wellbeing (Internal)

"I would like to nominate the Health at Home Volunteers for a group WOW Award. The FM Health and Wellbeing Team have been working over the last year to develop new services to help people over the age of fifty be more independent at managing their Health and Wellbeing. For the project, we neede...

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Claire Shelton | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex (Internal)

Claire has recently completed some excellent support with an elderly couple who were in a very difficult situation and had been for some time, not knowing who to turn too. This involved financial abuse, debts, hoarding, dementia and other health issues. The couple had lived in there own property ...

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