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Havering Here to Help Team | Care & Support (Internal)

Following a Forum meeting consisting of many of Havering's partner agencies and local authority staff. I was overwhelmed with the positive and outstanding comments made about the team here that provide this busy service, such as • How amazing Peabody are in Havering • How the Borough ...

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Mary Elmer | Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Mary recognised a customer on a very low income really should be claiming Housing Benefit. She challenged other professionals who said that she was wrong, and eventually was proved correct. Our customer is now in receipt of the correct entitlement and is very happy. I am very proud of Mary's persist...

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Alexandra Marshall | Senior Communications Officer | Strategy, Comunications & Safety (Internal)

I want to nominate Alex as she has been working with Pathways to design a cookbook that can be used for people requiring support with cooking and using Peabody's services. Alex spent two days at Pathways, one discussing the cook book and one cooking, taking photos, eating & asking residents ques...

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Jemma Free | Housing Support Worker Level 2 | C&S Essex

Kevin Wiggins | Caretaker | Supported Housing

Jake Omer | Housing Support Worker | Facilities

I would like to nominate Jake Omer, Kevin Wiggins and Jemma Free due to the amazing work they did over a 24 hour period with a teenage parent and new-born baby following a violent domestic assault on both the mum and baby. The mum couldn't return to her property and had been temporarily placed in...

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Maureen Crate | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

I have been asked to nominate Maureen Crate after receiving a phone call from a lady called Margaret. Margaret wanted it to be known how pleased she was with the assistance she received at our Drop in service at Castle Point Council in Benfleet Essex. Margaret stated she was in turmoil when her ...

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Sharon Swan | Housing Support Worker | Care & Support

Sharon has been working with Mike Russo from Arun District Council and he had this to say about Sharon. Because of Sharons hard work I would like to nominate her for a Wow award - 'Sharon Swan has been working with one of my elderly clients in Bognor Regis who was in the process of losing his h...

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Amanda White | Support Worker | C&S South

I am putting Amanda forward for a Wow award as she has been working closely with Mike Russo from Arun District council and he had this to say in an email he sent to me. I just wanted to email you to highlight the amazing work a couple of your staff have done for me recently. Amanda White has ...

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James Kirkham | Money Advisor | Finance (LC&C) (Internal)

James has identified that young first time residents are particularly vulnerable to rent arrears, at risk of taking up high cost credit because of a lack of credit history, and are disproportionately more likely to struggle to manage money and hence their tenancy. James has proactively looked for...

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Paige Cox | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

I am incredibly proud of the work Paige has done this morning. We have an Out of Hours Services on Saturdays and were particularly short staffed on this day. With it also being the coldest day of the year so far, we received lots of emergency calls from residents without heating and hot water. Paig...

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John Phelan | Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services - South (Internal)

John recently helped a non Peabody tenant who was found to need urgent medical attention, possibly life threatening. John contacted his landlord and reminded them of their responsibilities. He also made an urgent safeguarding to social services. I'm pleased to say that the customer is now engaging w...

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Trailblazer Team | Various | C&S Essex (Internal)

I would like to nominate my entire team for a WOW award as they astound me every day with their hard work and compassion. Lewis McRae, Deborah Bolam, Samantha Sullivan, Grant McManus and Natasha Barton. They have prevented many many families and single people from becoming homeless at times it has b...

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Fatma Niyazi | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services (Internal)

A customer desperately needed some help in one of our reception offices today, and he could only speak Turkish. He sounded quite upset, and the lovely Fatma was more than willing to help by taking over the call as she can speak fluent Turkish. She helped him with his queries and even offered to call...

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Gideon Johns | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Linsi Honey | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Keithia Grant | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

I would like to nominate Keithia Grant, Linsi Honey and Gideon Johns who have consistently been kind, friendly and exceptionally helpful every time I needed to raise a repair . Working as a caretaker on Pembury Estate makes me proud and happy to work with such amazing people .

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Hayley Colman | Customer Relationship Manager | Property Services (Internal)

Justin Kirby | Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Therisa Tidy | Senior Tenant Advisor | Resident Services (Internal)

Allan Ronald | Responsive Repairs & Voids Manager-South | Property Services (Internal)

Max Panzavechia | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Kevin Bartlett | Clerk Of Works | Property Services (Internal)

Daniel Cordiner | Tenant and Family Services Manager | Resident Services (Internal)

Shaha Alam Kha | Building Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Sussana Danquah | Welfare Benefits and Tenant Support Administrator | Resident Services (Internal)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing work that has been completed 138 Kentlea Road, without the dedication and support that I receive from colleagues none of this would be achievable. From me receiving this case on the 25th January, to the blitz clean starting on t...

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Lewis Mcrae | Trailblazer Mentor | C&S Essex (Internal)

Both myself and several other agencies believe that Lewis saved this young woman's life. MW was suffering severe domestic violence (DV) and was one point she had a hole bitten from her cheek. She was reluctant to press charges or attempt to flee. Lewis worked gently and closely with he...

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Suzann Potterton | Direct Payment Support Worker | C&S Essex

Adetutu Shokunbi | Housing Support Worker L1 (Devon House) | C&S Essex

Catherine Hagger | Housing Support Worker | C&S Essex

Jacqueline Puddle | Housing Support Worker | C&S Essex

Babajide Ogunrin | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

Nicholas Burrows | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

Foluke Obi | Direct Payment Support Worker | C&S Essex

Andrew Lane | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief

Susan Walker | Housing Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex

On behalf of my entire Supported Accommodation team I would like to nominate them for a collective WOW award following a very difficult 2017 when we lost several customers. The professionalism and support offered to the customers and their families by my team was recognised by both external agencies...

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Victoria West | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex (Internal)

A big thank you to Vickie West who organised Family Mosaic's Meet & Greet Santa alongside The Brentwood Premier Inn on the 19th December 2017. Vickie worked extremely hard, posters were designed and distributed within the Brentwood Area, she prepared activities for the children, organised food, ...

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Wesley Douglas | Sales Executive | Sales & Marketing (Internal)

New Homes have received several compliments on how Wesley managed their sale from viewing and reservation through to completion. The scheme was delayed by 6 months which is obviously upsetting and unnerving for buyers as well as inconvenient. Wesley communicated weekly with all buyers to keep them u...

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Stephen Woodman | Welfare Benefits & Money Advisor | Resident Services

Stephen has worked as part of the Welfare Benefits & Money Advice team for 9 years, he has worked with numerous residents and received thanks directly from them, however on of our residents recently met Brendan Sarsfield and assisted in a radio interview, during this interview Brendan advised th...

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Samantha Sullivan | Trailblazer Mentor | C&S Essex (Internal)

Sam has demonstrated such care, dedication, commitment to homelessness prevention and a work ethic that is to be admired. In the 8 years I have worked here I have never seen such complex cases which she has dealt with with dedication and pride to gain amazing results. She has prevented homelessness...

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Grant Mcmanus | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

Rebecca Jones | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

Outreach Support Officers Rebecca and Grant had been to see Mrs L's son who is deaf but also suffering with throat cancer and not in the best of health. She couldn't praise them enough as she felt that they were both wonderful. The way they conducted themselves, was patient with them both and th...

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Gary Jacobs | Asbestos Surveyor | Environmental Services

After discovering a broken asbestos panel in my fireplace I was contacted by Gary Jacobs who was reassuring and understanding during the difficult process it was for me to have it removed due to my issues with everything having to be cleaned, etc. His treatment towards me from the first moment w...

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Customer Care Line Team | Customer Care Line (Internal)

I would like to nominate all of the CCL for a wow award for their commitment and dedication to ensuring we are serving our customers within our set timeframes. Officers have been multi-tasking and working through emails whilst in idle time on the phones. Whilst some may think this should always happ...

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Annate Wright | Support Worker | C&S London

Hazal Aba | Support Worker | C&S London

Leena Sachedina | Team Leader | C&S London

Adetoun Adebanjo | Support Assistant | C&S London

Khadiza Shahid | Resettlement Support Worker | C&S London & South

Customer A moved to our accommodation-based Learning Disability Scheme - she had suffered domestic violence for many years, had been temporarily removed from her home for her own safety and was a selective mute when coming to us. The staff team worked tirelessly to support her and ensure her safety-...

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Amy Weaving | Housing Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Atterbell Maplanka | Housing Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Trevor Mteto | Housing Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Una Mccaffery | Housing Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Benjamin Glavin | Housing Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

Ben Glavin, Amy Weaving, Una McCaffery, Atterbell Maplanka, Trevor Mteto - Pathways Team is a fairly new team, we have just undergone a Service Review with our funders and the service was rated as excellent. The full report gives examples of excellence in practice and it picks up that customers are ...

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Old Oak Community Centre Team | Subsidiaries - Old Oak and Charlton (Internal)

I would like to nominate the staff at Old Oak for their amazing support and contribution in the aftermath of Grenfell. From the morning the news broke, the centre was listed a s a disaster recovery centre for people to come to. Staff immediately agreed to cover each other whilst some went down to ot...

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Kadir Niyazi | IT Senior Telephony Engineer | Information and Technology

Stacey Webber | Facilities Coordinator | Information and Technology

I'd like to nominate two of my colleagues as their assistance has made a great impact on my work life and in fact in my efficiency (as a knock on effect). Having recently discovered that I am partially hearing impaired (and being a receptionist), it's had an impact on how I fulfil my role, so I f...

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Halil Can | Decant & Resettlement Officer | C&S London & South (Internal)

Benedict Brown | Area Housing Manager (GN) | Resident Services - East (Internal)

Marjorie Mbulo | Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services - East (Internal)

I would like to nominate Halil, Ben and Marjorie for their help in dealing with a client whose first language is not English. We first heard about him through a letter from his MP because he needed help to pay for a biometric ID card to allow him to access benefits and be more independent. The MP...

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Jade Sayers | Intensive Housing Officer | C&S London (Internal)

Jade was lone-working on a weekend, on the Sunday she did her usual check of who had been seen and then went to welfare check all the ones who hadn't been. When she carried out her welfare check at one of the flats in Eagle Dwellings Jade found the tenant had collapsed in the bathroom. Despite t...

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Glenn Adam | Clear the Way - Project Officer | Resident Services - South

When I moved into this property I was fit and able to do most of the nececessary maintainance, including getting the garden 'up to scratch'. Of which I was very proud. However, since becoming ill I have been unable to do lots of physical work, including my pride and joy, the garden! Then, Glenn f...

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Stacey Cooper | Bank Support Worker | C&S South (Internal)

With her team manager on sick leave, Stacey has taken on the management of her floating support team with great confidence, enthusiasm and skill in a period of real uncertainty. She is a great self-manager and brings honesty, humour and drive to all that she does. Proud to work alongside her!

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Becki Partridge-Hayes | Community Development Worker | Community Regeneration (Internal)

Melissa Vidal | Social & Financial Inclusion (Internal)

I was absolutely blown away by the hard work and dedication of Becki, Mel and the volunteers on the Ambedkar House Garden Project . This project was amazing, the transformation incredible and it brought so many positive things to those involved. It was great to see the finished garden, the frien...

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Janice Cummings | Support Assistant | C&S South

Janice has been a great help to me over the last year. Helping me with everything from food parcels to sorting out my finances. She is a very friendly person who I find easy to talk to about my problems. She has seen me at my lowest and has helped me to regain my confidence and self-worth. Her regul...

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