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Joan Gosling | Incomes Officer | Finance (LC&C) (Internal)

Joan has recently come to cover the Hackney patch and has had somewhat of a baptism of fire. I have been working with tenants in the area since I started and I know that many tenants in Hackney and Islington have additional needs. One particular client has a history of cognitive difficulties foll...

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Chanelle Gentry | Incomes Officer | Finance (LC&C)

Miss Chanelle has helped me in everyway possible to secure a DHP from my local council. She was kind and sympathectic and showed empathy towards my ongoing rent arrears, because I was so afraid that I would be facing evection from the home I have lived in for the last 30 years. She worked hard on m...

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Sandra Walker | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

She made life as easy as possible

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Soner Ulugun | Resident Sales Coordinator | Marketing & Sales (Internal)

I would like to nominate Soner for a WOW Award in respect of the fantastic collaborative work he undertakes on a daily basis. Soner joined the team in May and has since gone onto form great relationships with internal departments and our external stakeholders, which has contributed to him exceedin...

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Stacey Webber | Facilities Coordinator | Information and Technology (Internal)

Stacey has been a superstar over recent weeks going above and beyond her day to day role. With the refurbishment works at Pembroke House where Stacey has been a vital cog in ensuring teams are coordinated, the operation continues to run as smoothly as possible and staff are kept well informed. Stace...

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Melissa Thynne | Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services - West (Internal)

Pablo Cazar-Lopez | Area Housing Manager | Resident Services - South (Internal)

Pablo and Melissa were instrumental in managing a particularly difficult decant situation involving a vulnerable tenant. The works to the property took longer than expected and the tenant was unfortunately out of her home for a number of months. Melissa liaised with the tenant regularly often having...

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Jayne Rosser | Support Worker | Care and Support

Jayne has supported the customer's dream to come through! Customer is a great pianist and told Jayne he would like to perform Christmas Carol for the wilder audience, than he is usually does in the supporting living, where he resides. Jayne found out the customer is a friend of the local restaurant...

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Sandra Walker | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

Sandra Walker is a unique person in this day and age. Knowledgeable, kind, caring, self effacing and willing to go that extra mile. To find someone prepared to take the time to explain and implement complex procedures is rare indeed. Without Sandra's help I would have long since given up but w...

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Tracie Sharkey | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

I would like to thank Tracie for all that she has done to help my brother and the family. His life has been completely turned around and he is eating properly and is much healthier than he has been for years. Her holistic approach has had a huge impact. It is a miracle that he let her into the f...

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Elizabeth Cooknell | Specialist Support Worker - LTC | C&S South

"She was extremely helpful and friendly putting us completely at ease on the first and important meeting. She expained who and what steps to do and outlined the possible benefits we needed and could be entitled to. She also instigated and helped with filling in the various claim forms and gave ...

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Clare Gooding | Personal Assistant to Director | Human Resources (Internal)

Anita Seabridge | Head of Data & Information | Human Resources (Internal)

I want to nominate Clare and Anita for the incredible work they have done to ensure that as many employees as possible were able to access flexible benefits last month. After learning about the short turnaround times and the hours and lengths these two went to to ensure that employees were given a...

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Christine Cooke | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

When I met her I was sure I had no hope of ever finding somewhere to live. Christine fought for me during seven months (December to June) and was always at the end of the phone.Without Christine I am sure I would now be homeless on the street, or possibly even dead. It's impossible to list all of he...

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Sundip Vadher | Caretaking Services Manager East | Property Services (Internal)

Sunny stepped in to support an elderly, vulnerable resident who had no gas supply and no telephone, he arranged for an emergency gas engineer to attend to the resident the same day; despite the contactors trying to postpone he advocated for them to attend as soon as possible, due to the residents ag...

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Customer Care Line Team | Customer Care Line (Internal)

I have found that no matter who I speak with they are helpful, pleasant and always willing to go the extra mile. Team work is key, and the Customer Care Line works with me as a team, as we solve issues together and work to resolve to ensure that the customers receive the best service possible. e...

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Alya Din | PA to Executive Director Care & Communities | PCF Business Support & Programme Mgt (Internal)

I believe that Alya Din is a shining example of how we as Peabody staff should be, both within our own behaviours but also in the way we treat each other. On a daily basis Alya demonstrates our values of Human and Kind in everything she does and simply by who she is. I regularly contact Alya ...

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Olanrewaju Ogundeko | Floating Support Officer | C&S Essex

She spent so long and put so much effort into making sure she did the best possible for my client, with good results. Excellent service.

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Lewis Mcrae | Trailblazer Mentor | C&S Essex

Lewis has gone all out in every way possible to help me and my daughter Michelle. Michelle has had problems with drink, drugs and homelessness and Lewis has been a massive help to the both of us. I can always phone Lewis and he has time to speak with me regardless of how busy he is. I cannot than...

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Simone Nelson | Housing Officer | C&S London (Internal)

Simone is professional, courteous, hard working and goes out of her way to achieve the best possible outcome. We are so fortunate having Simone as our housing officer. It's really admirable how Simone always see projects through from conception to completion. She takes pride in her work and is tr...

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Luke Wharf | Caretaker | Environmental Services (Internal)

Luke always works closely with me to achieve the best possible for our residents. Luke always keeps me updated in a positive way.

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Halil Can | Decant & Resettlement Officer | C&S London & South

On my mother Iryna behalf, I would like to nominate Halil Can for the WOW award. We just would like express our gratitude and to say big thank you for Halil's dedication, personal care and incredible patience that Halil demonstrated while supporting Irina in her move from her property to the new she...

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Hayley Colman | Customer Relationship Manager | Property Services (Internal)

Justin Kirby | Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Therisa Tidy | Senior Tenant Advisor | Resident Services (Internal)

Allan Ronald | Responsive Repairs & Voids Manager-South | Property Services (Internal)

Max Panzavechia | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Kevin Bartlett | Clerk Of Works | Property Services (Internal)

Daniel Cordiner | Tenant and Family Services Manager | Resident Services (Internal)

Shaha Alam Kha | Building Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Sussana Danquah | Welfare Benefits and Tenant Support Administrator | Resident Services (Internal)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing work that has been completed 138 Kentlea Road, without the dedication and support that I receive from colleagues none of this would be achievable. From me receiving this case on the 25th January, to the blitz clean starting on t...

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Lynda Conway | Team Manager SupHsg L2 | C&S Essex (Internal)

Over the last few months unknowingly I have been grieving for the loss of my father which brought up a lot of other issues from the past. If it wasn't for Lynda helping me feel relaxed enough in my supervision to touch on these issues then I would have never accessed employee assistance programme UN...

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Helen Peters | Floating Support Officer | C&S Essex (Internal)

I would like to nominate Helen for a WOW award due to the hard work commitment and determination she has shown in supporting a young man D who has lead quite a troubled life going from one agency to the next without getting the support or understanding he needs. He has recently spent some time i...

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Julia Pond | Customer Care Incident Manager | Customer Services

Leslie Hall | Customer Care Incident Manager | Customer Services

Karen from CCL is very happy with the outcome that Les and Julia from CCIM managed to obtain on behalf of Miss S, who was living in a property with no electricity to the kitchen and no heating/hot water due a possible leak from a stack pipe, with further investigation to be undertaken. An appointmen...

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Nadia Dixon | Collections Manager | Collections (Internal)

We missed the deadline to submit annual direct debit changes by upload file for Peabody Leaseholders. This meant 2340 manual amendments at 10 clicks each to amend. Nadia offered to help because the task was 21 man hours and meant other key tasks had to be left, and if help could be offered, Rents an...

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Maureen Arthur | Financial Wellbeing Advisor | Finance (LC&C)

Maureen has given practical and emotional support to me. When I seen Maureen I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I was in financial difficulties after being badly advised by McMillan. I was not on the right types of benefits and struggling with my finances after an unexpected illness (Bre...

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PGM Operatives | Various | Peabody Group Maintenance (Internal)

I would just like to acknowledge the incredible efforts made by PGM operatives (and office staff) who came into work throughout the extreme weather period last week, delivering as close a normal service as possible. The services operated at all advertised times, including out of hours, with operativ...

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Melanie Serghides | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Elly Petrova | Warden | Resident Services (Internal)

Melanie and Elly have shown that they are caring and kind in how they treat our customer - on Thursday 1 February 2018 Mel and Elly were carrying out door knocking on one of our estates when they saw a young boy attempting to jump off the balcony in the building, with his teenage sister trying to re...

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Heather Renton | Head of Risk | General Counsel & Group Secretary (Internal)

Heather always sees the good in people especially when they let us down at the last possible minute, and where others would give up she keeps going! She deserves a WOW award for all the hard work she's done this year.

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Renee Fernie | Deputy Team Manager | C&S Essex (Internal)

Renee is hard working and enthusiastic when working with the young people she supports. She is passionate about them achieving their full potential and goes above and beyond when possible or necessary. Renee is an amazing support worker and continues to help tenants thrive.

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Susan Barham | Phone operator | AJS - Contractor (Internal)

After speaking with Susan today, as per usual she has gone above and beyond for one of our residents today. She advised an appointment was impossible, and then worked it out for the desperate resident so that she was able to accommodate the resident's needs. She worked above and beyond the standards...

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Havering Floating Support Team | C&S Essex

I just wanted to express officially my and our appreciation from the various charities I work with in Havering and in my role as Community Manager at Romford Salvation Army. Time and time again Family Mosaic and Carepoint have been there to help us catch the vulnerable people suffering who have sli...

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Kate Pamplin | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

Kate has been a great support and has given me much advice regarding possible benefits claims. She also very kindly invited me to a really wonderful 1950's Tea Dance, where I got the chance to meet new people in my area, and also got introduced to local social activities.

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Ihab Elhabak | Warden | Resident Services (Internal)

Abdul Ali | Warden | Resident Services (Internal)

On 6 November, Abdul and Ihab while patrolling on Clyde Road encountered a rough sleeper. They demonstrated . Caring for people we deal with: They ensured that the rough sleeper was well informed by providing him with all the information that he would need and referred him to a specialist agency....

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Michelle Carter | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services

Michelle has been with the neighbourhood south team for just over a year now. Michelle is a caring and compassionate housing officer which is regularly demonstrated by informal and formal compliments received from residents and their family members. One recent example came from the mother of one of ...

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Jesse Young | Care Support Worker L1 (Fairview) | C&S Essex

I received a wonderful email from an external professional that Jesse has been liaising with recently in regards to one of our customers. 'Just wanted to email you to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Jesse Young over the last few weeks and highlight to yourself what a credit he is to ...

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David Byrne | L&D Corporate Training Consultant | Human Resources (Internal)

I would like to nominate Dave Byrne for a Wonderful WOW Award. To provide some background context; we had an established project group to deliver the new interim performance review (PR) process for the newly combined Peabody. This entailed the initial design concepts right through to implementa...

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Sara Mahjabin | Personal Assistant | C&S London (Internal)

Samantha Gibbs | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Christine Griffiths | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief (Internal)

Martin O'Donnell | PCF Community Programmes (Internal)

William Devereux | Caretaker Supervisor | Environmental Services (Internal)

Teresa Sparrow | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief (Internal)

Carcious Siamsapu | Environment Caretaker | Property Services (Internal)

Michael Osei Kuffour | Environment Caretaker | Property Services (Internal)

Ijay Onyechi | Head Of Lettings | Resident Services (Internal)

Michael Procter | Environmental Operative (Grounds Maint) | Environmental Services (Internal)

Martin Howling | Care Support Worker Level 2 | C&S Essex (Internal)

Ian anderson | Joiner/ Multi-Trade | PMG Operations (Internal)

Keith Edwards | Development (Internal)

Neil Harrison | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Olive Abraham | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

On 1 October 2017 a valve failure in a boilerhouse resulted in flooding and loss of electrical power at Darwin Court, a sheltered housing scheme for 80 older people in Southwark. The loss of electrical power meant residents were without,central heating or lighting, and had no means to refrigerate or...

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Steven Humpherson | Service Support Technical Lead | Information and Technology (Internal)

Thank you Steven! You went above and beyond what was expected. Not only did you take ownership of a query that wasn't initially anything to do with you or your team, you went out your way to help me and ensure my meeting went as smoothly as possible. Thanks to your attitude and work ethic, you p...

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Elliot Woolf | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

Very helpful and polite. Does everything possible to assist. Made calling FM a pleasure, finish my call with a smile on my face!

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