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Flavia Scarcella | Marketing Assistant | Sales and Marketing (Internal)

Flavia has been an incredible help and a valuable addition to the team. During a period of unexpected situation for a member of the team, Flavia has picked up and carried out responsibilities to ensure deadlines were met. This has meant that materials will be available for an exhibition we are atten...

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Maureen Arthur | Financial Wellbeing Advisor | Finance (LC&C)

I would like to nominate Maureen, She has assisted me a number of times over the years. I have always been impressed by her expertise and professionalism. This time she helped me at extremely short notice and I know how hard she works so I was truly grateful. The input she gave me was incredible and...

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Lyn Hepburn | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

On behalf of Patricia McConville, Social Worker, OAMH Team, Mental Health Unit, St Margarets Hospital Epping........ I am just writing to let you know how impressed I am with the standard of professionalism and hard work provided by Lyn Hepburn. Her work with GG has been efficient and effective....

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Rebecca Fenner | PCF Community Programmes (Internal)

I have worked with Rebecca for over 10 years, within that time she has always demonstrated a very positive and Can DO attitude, she always goes above and beyond for staff and especially volunteers. She has supported many Volunteers in our community. She works closely by empowering them to reach thei...

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Clare Gooding | Personal Assistant to Director | Human Resources (Internal)

Anita Seabridge | Head of Data & Information | Human Resources (Internal)

I want to nominate Clare and Anita for the incredible work they have done to ensure that as many employees as possible were able to access flexible benefits last month. After learning about the short turnaround times and the hours and lengths these two went to to ensure that employees were given a...

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Eleanor Probyn-Gibbs | Development (Internal)

Ellie got in touch with me to let me know she had used her 2 Peabody Promise volunteering days this month, and upon asking for a bit more information she informed me that in actual fact she has volunteered for a total of SEVEN days volunteering in September. Ellie volunteered at both Boomtown and...

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Simone Nelson | Housing Officer | C&S London (Internal)

Simone is professional, courteous, hard working and goes out of her way to achieve the best possible outcome. We are so fortunate having Simone as our housing officer. It's really admirable how Simone always see projects through from conception to completion. She takes pride in her work and is tr...

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Halil Can | Decant & Resettlement Officer | C&S London & South

On my mother Iryna behalf, I would like to nominate Halil Can for the WOW award. We just would like express our gratitude and to say big thank you for Halil's dedication, personal care and incredible patience that Halil demonstrated while supporting Irina in her move from her property to the new she...

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Hayley Colman | Customer Relationship Manager | Property Services (Internal)

Justin Kirby | Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Therisa Tidy | Senior Tenant Advisor | Resident Services (Internal)

Allan Ronald | Responsive Repairs & Voids Manager-South | Property Services (Internal)

Max Panzavechia | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Kevin Bartlett | Clerk Of Works | Property Services (Internal)

Daniel Cordiner | Tenant and Family Services Manager | Resident Services (Internal)

Shaha Alam Kha | Building Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Sussana Danquah | Welfare Benefits and Tenant Support Administrator | Resident Services (Internal)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing work that has been completed 138 Kentlea Road, without the dedication and support that I receive from colleagues none of this would be achievable. From me receiving this case on the 25th January, to the blitz clean starting on t...

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PGM Operatives | Various | Peabody Group Maintenance (Internal)

I would just like to acknowledge the incredible efforts made by PGM operatives (and office staff) who came into work throughout the extreme weather period last week, delivering as close a normal service as possible. The services operated at all advertised times, including out of hours, with operativ...

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Annette Dalrymple | Incomes Officer | Finance (LC&C)

I wish to nominate Annette Dalrymple for the WOW! Award, in sincerest gratitude for her incredibly diligent service. Annette's work is undoubtedly characterised by sincerity and a boundless passion to help her customers. Annette exceeded her call of duty by reaching out to external organisations on...

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Hang Pham | Senior Administrator | C&S London (Internal)

Hang is incredibly helpful staff member. She is always willing to help, even where its not her responsibility. She single handedly helped me to pack up half of the ground floor of Albion House as our move was unexpectedly brought forward a week. Prior to this, she's done a great deal of work with ou...

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Frank Mallett | Customer Care Line Officer | Customer Services

Mr Gordon called to thank Frank for his amazing customer service. He explained it has been a while since he has called a company and finished the call feeling reassured his query had been handled to not just a satisfaction level but incredible experience of perfect customer service. Thank you Frank....

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Becki Partridge-Hayes | Community Development Worker | Community Regeneration (Internal)

Melissa Vidal | Social & Financial Inclusion (Internal)

I was absolutely blown away by the hard work and dedication of Becki, Mel and the volunteers on the Ambedkar House Garden Project . This project was amazing, the transformation incredible and it brought so many positive things to those involved. It was great to see the finished garden, the frien...

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