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Cathy Bryant | Coordinator | Service Delivery

My three children and I have been Peabody residents for nearly five years and were placed in our current home on medical grounds due to my oldest son, Sidney, being severely disabled both mentally and physically. He has a chromosome deficiency and unfortunately is the only known carrier of this con...

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Residents and Team Members at Pathways | Team Members at Pathways | Care & Support (Internal)

Pathways started a Community Bookswap in partnership with Hastings Furniture Service. Staff & Residents worked together to turn an old stereo cabinet in to a book shelf that was weather proof, the shelf ended up as a beach hut shelf and placed in the front garden of Pathways. The residents &...

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Joni Byrd | Operations Administrator | C&S London (Internal)

London South Team Leaders would like to nominate Joni Byrd for a WOW award for her continued dedication and commitment to supporting the customers in our schemes. Joni's role involves supporting with co-ordination and administration for London South and North Care and support services, this includ...

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Anita Seabridge | Head of Data & Information | Human Resources (Internal)

I have just experienced great customer service from Anita. It is not often that corporate services support staff get nominated for WoW awards as we are not front line so to speak. In selecting my Flexi Benefits I inadvertently selected the incorrect option of Dental Cover and without going into to...

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Tracie Sharkey | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

I would like to thank Tracie for all that she has done to help my brother and the family. His life has been completely turned around and he is eating properly and is much healthier than he has been for years. Her holistic approach has had a huge impact. It is a miracle that he let her into the f...

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Angela Allen | Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services

Angela assisted a medical team from the NHS to help one of our tenants return home. The doctor said 'He is now medically fit and able to return home since last week but I gather there is a long delay with his front door repair/replacement. We were told last week that it may take 'weeks' to replac...

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Bradley Pyke | Environmental Operative (Street Scene) | Environmental Services (Internal)

Bradley was confronted by a very dangerous situation and had it not been for his bravery and calm disposition - The situation could have been catastrophic. He chose not to ignore the situation despite the potential risk of harm to him, his actions were selfless and showed his commitment in creating...

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Lucy Day | Outreach Support Administrator | C&S Essex (Internal)

A good Administrator is the bedrock of any service, without this solid foundation any service would not function. Lucy is the epitome of excellence, she runs the front office like a well oiled machine, she is meticulous in all her work and goes over and above the expectations of her role. While jug...

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Tatum Quinn | Trailblazer Manager | C&S Essex (Internal)

As a team we feel Tatum deserves recognition for her hard work, please see below all of the team's words below and why we have submitted a nomination. Lewis McRae Tate has been a fantastic manager for the Trailblazer Project, she has always made herself available to the team to give advice and...

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Julia Pond | Customer Care Incident Manager | Customer Services

Mr Khan wanted to thank Julia CCIM for her help in regards to his repairs for his front entrance door and locks.

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Hayley Colman | Customer Relationship Manager | Property Services (Internal)

Justin Kirby | Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Therisa Tidy | Senior Tenant Advisor | Resident Services (Internal)

Allan Ronald | Responsive Repairs & Voids Manager-South | Property Services (Internal)

Max Panzavechia | Neigbourhood Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Kevin Bartlett | Clerk Of Works | Property Services (Internal)

Daniel Cordiner | Tenant and Family Services Manager | Resident Services (Internal)

Shaha Alam Kha | Building Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

Sussana Danquah | Welfare Benefits and Tenant Support Administrator | Resident Services (Internal)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing work that has been completed 138 Kentlea Road, without the dedication and support that I receive from colleagues none of this would be achievable. From me receiving this case on the 25th January, to the blitz clean starting on t...

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Khalid Fysal | Employment Advisor | PCF Community Programmes (Internal)

A young resident waiting to speak to Khalid Fysal in the reception area of his Leyton office, was approached by two young men who requested that he go outside and speak to them. Noticing that the resident was reluctant to do so, Khalid instructed him to come and sit beside him behind the reception d...

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Cornell Emes | Environment Caretaker | Property Services (Internal)

Cornell Emes is an excellent caretaker. He always willing to help his fellow teammates and residents. I have seen Cornell Emes helping residents in many occasions but on the 26 March 2018, his kindness and professional approach towards an elderly tenant simply left me speechless: A tenant in Pegw...

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Damian Carter | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services (Internal)

I would like to nominate Damian for his excellent collaborative work in resolving a leak from a customer's property. In his role as a frontline member of staff, it is his responsibility to resolve enquiries regarding repairs and then pass to our CCIM Team any escalated cases. In this instance, Damia...

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CCL Team Managers | Various | Customer Care Line (Internal)

I would like to nominate all of my colleagues for their outstanding collaborative work that took place following the adverse weather we experienced in Essex with heavy snow fall. The office had to be closed on Wednesday 28 February as it was not safe for staff to travel in and therefore a 'Whatsapp'...

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Jacqueline Satchell | Receptionist/Facilities Coordinator | Information and Technology

Jackie runs the reception and front desk appointments etc at the drop in office in Arcola Street, Hackney. She is a wonderful warm person, who is very organised and keeps the atmosphere buoyant even when dealing with some quite distressed or even rude and aggressive clients. She is not easily ruffle...

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Accuro Envrionmental

I just wanted to say how impressed I am, plus a big thank you to the Accuro garden maintenance team for Ludwell House, Russell Rd. In the past our poor plants in the front gardens were always hacked before they could even have a chance to bloom, but I've noticed over the last year or so they have ac...

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Carol Fregiste | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

I would like to nominate Carol in 2 categories. For her collaborative working and for caring in how we treat people we work with. Carol and I, as well as other colleagues, have been working on a very complex hoarding case for over a year and there is still work to do! Carol has led from the front,...

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Kelly Smith | Senior Environmental Operative | Environmental Services

Kelly Smith and her Team - Externals Mobile Caretaking Team - recently received good feedback from a resident: Hi Frank, Happy new year to you and your family. I just wanted to give you some feedback as l think the new people who are doing the cleaning and the trimming of the common areas a...

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Jesse Young | Care Support Worker L1 (Fairview) | C&S Essex

I received a wonderful email from an external professional that Jesse has been liaising with recently in regards to one of our customers. 'Just wanted to email you to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Jesse Young over the last few weeks and highlight to yourself what a credit he is to ...

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Customer Care Line Team | Customer Care Line

As a disabled Family Mosaic tenant for 28 years it is an absolute pleasure to always speak with the customer care line team, even though they face the brunt sometimes of unhappy tenants for one reason or another, they are always extremely polite and always willing and eager to help. Sometimes whilst...

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Steven Francis | Operative | Gilmartins

Mrs Coleiro called as she wanted to praise Operative Steven Francis who works for Gilmartins. Mrs Coleiro was so happy with the services as not only did Steven carry out the repair to her window but he also repaired her lock on her front door, and solved an issues that the resident has been having w...

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Iranola Olagundoge | Building Surveyor | Property Services (Internal)

One of our very valued customer had expressed very good positive feedback regarding how his complaint was handled by both Ola and Alan. Below is exact extract of the email received: "I believe it is very important that you and your colleagues remain at the forefront of the service. It is pai...

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Annate Wright | Support Worker | C&S London

Hazal Aba | Support Worker | C&S London

Leena Sachedina | Team Leader | C&S London

Adetoun Adebanjo | Support Assistant | C&S London

Khadiza Shahid | Resettlement Support Worker | C&S London & South

Customer A moved to our accommodation-based Learning Disability Scheme - she had suffered domestic violence for many years, had been temporarily removed from her home for her own safety and was a selective mute when coming to us. The staff team worked tirelessly to support her and ensure her safety-...

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Janet Levy | Care Support Worker Level 1 | C&S Essex (Internal)

Hi, I'd like to nominate Jan as she excelled herself by assisting some of our customers to bake for the customer healthy eating trolley. The cakes that they have been producing are out of this world and the energy & enthusiasm that I see from Jan are contagious. The customers that she supports r...

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David Solomons | Director of Business Information | Transformation (Internal)

I first met David over a year ago when I inherited the Well Homes project from another agency, it was, to say the least, a shambolic contract and required a lot of work, but David was like a knight in shining armour when we realised we needed to modify the current outdated and time consuming reports...

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Daniel McGill | Senior Construction Inspector | Development and Sales (Internal)

Daniel has always being supportive towards his team members but I've recently been in a situation when a contractor wasn't so happy with me picking up defects and/or issues not complying with Family Mosaic's quality standards. The site team were accusing me of being unprofessional in doing my job. ...

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Stuart Ruben | Breyer - Contractor

This gentleman was so polite, respectful and did a fantastic job of the fencing in front of my house. This is a great carpenter who really knows his trade. Brilliant!

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Glenn Adam | Clear the Way - Project Officer | Resident Services - South

I nominate Glenn, of Clear the Way team, Glenn and his team recently carried out the work at front and back garden. I find Glenn highly professional, dedicated, polite, well-organised and cooperative. I am 100% satisfied with their work carried out at my property.

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Chelsea Hill | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services (Internal)

I would like to nominate a girl called Chelsea from customer care line services. I am a Family Mosaic support worker and work in a 24/7 care service in Pitsea. Last week I accidently locked myself out of the care scheme I work in, in Pitsea. That being the customer with NO mobility was inside si...

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Sylvester Semper | Wates - Contractor

Sylvester carried out the work of repairing the front gate in a timely manner. I tested the work in completion and found everything in good order and to my full satisfaction.

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Debbie Tween | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

Diane Knight | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

Laura Mansfield | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex

I'm 52, have a number of health issues and was homeless in Basildon. Last August I found out about a group called Family Mosaic. Having no family or real friends to turn to, I found my way to a drop-in and met a lady called Debbie Tween. She was concerned about my situation and health. She made phon...

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Elliot Woolf | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services (Internal)

Following an issue with post going missing at one of my properties, I arranged for a trades buttons to be fitted so that the postman could access the building and deliver the mail securely through individual post boxes. There was also an issue with the front door which needed a door closure mechanis...

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