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Abdul Ali | Warden | Resident Services

I received a complaint from a resident that had no power in the communal hallway as the void property needed the electric meter topping up. I received the email below from the tenant which demonstrates Abduls caring attitude to Peabody's residents, he went above and beyond by visiting her in the eve...

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Jenny Mclean | Head of Neighbourhoods | Resident Services - South

Last week, we had 72 properties lose electricity. It soon become evident that it would be for a significant period of time and a big team effort was required to quickly identify the most vulnerable and make emergency alternative arrangements for them, while also ensuring those residents who were r...

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Vincent Cooper | Senior Technical Services Manager | Service Delivery (Internal)

When I or other colleagues in the London Older People Services escalate a tenant repair problem to Vince , he always responds within 24 hours. For example, a frail and elderly tenant in a sheltered scheme had no hot water or heating for a number of weeks due to a boiler breakdown. The contractor on ...

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Robert Gerrard | HANDY PERSON | C&S London (Internal)

For the last 4 months or so, Bob has been exceptional in working with contactors to ensure a frail and elderly tenant boiler system is repaired to have hot water and heating in her property.Bob role is primarily to complete scheme communal and tenant property minor repairs under their tenancy agreem...

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Sven | Polyteck - Contractor (Internal)

Ellie Day | Polyteck - Contractor (Internal)

Ellie, Russell and Sven stepped up to assist the Customer Relations Manager, Maggie Manga, to get an electric shower installed for a vulnerable resident, in one day. Their help meant that the customer could feel better about themselves and their speed of response allowed us to show how being human a...

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Lisa Thomas-Pam | Floating Support Worker (Steps) | C&S South

"Lisa has been a great help to me and the charges for my electricity. She is never in a hurry and takes the time to give help and advice. She is also a pleasure to talk with"

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Marjorie Mbulo | Neighbourhood Manager | Resident Services - East

Marjorie is very caring and very supportive with her Team east Team 1. Recently I received an email from a resident see below that was very satisfied with the service she received and immediate response she received from Neighbourhood Manager, Marjorie Mbulo. To note Marjorie was also covering this ...

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Irene Taylor | New Resident Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Irene went above and beyond her role to ensure that a mutual exchange went ahead, despite several set-backs caused by Universal Credit payments, and delays with gas and electric certificates. Irene was in constant contact with the customer, who contacted us to say: "Just want to say a huge t...

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Ray Graham | Electrician | AJS - Contractor

I had the most helpful electrician that I think ever visited my flay to repair a faulty wiring issue. He did a great job and I'm very pleased. I wish him all the very best for the future and wish him good luck.

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Tracey Clapham | Caretaker Supervisor | Property Services (Internal)

I was at our Islington Estate with Tracey when one of our elderly and vulnerable tenants came over to the workshop she was near to tears. She informed us that she had water dripping off the light fitting in her bedroom. Tracey and I went back with the resident we went into her flat to find water dri...

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Damian Carter | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

Mr Wyatt called to say a big thank you. His electrics are back working now. Big thank you to Damian for arranging a quick service

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Claudia Baker | Aids & Adaptations Investment Officer | Service Delivery

Ellie Day | Polyteck - Contractor

Rob | Operative | Polyteck - contractor

Claudia is very helpful and gets things done very quickly - I can't put into words how grateful I am. Rob, the electrician from Polyteck has great workmanship and he is very helpful and caring. Ellie at Polyteck is very helpful and kind, she is wonderful lady who is very organised and gets th...

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Goran | Operative | Polyteck - contractor

My mum had a contractor called out to deal with her problem with the electric. When he came he realised the meter had run out and took £10 out of his pocket to top up her meter. This is amazing and he deserves to be recognised. Thank you!

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Michael | Polyteck - Contractor

Connor | Operative | Polyteck - contractor

Two operatives attended today to carry out electrical works for Mrs Perry. She said Michael and Connor were the best workers she had ever had in her home - she found them nice and polite, she was happy they tidied up after themselves, they were easy to work around and nothing was too much trouble. S...

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Elizabeth Cooknell | Specialist Support Worker - LTC | C&S South

I phone Steps in Octobver 17 a month after my husband dided and was very concerned about financial circumstances and whether I could remain in my home. I was contacted my Liz very quickly and immediately she helped me at this difficult time. She made me aware of any benefits I might be entitled to a...

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Elisseos | Polyteck - Contractor

Ms Laine advised Polyteck electrician Els was excellent at repairing fault to her immersion. She advised he was very professional and smart.

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Julia Pond | Customer Care Incident Manager | Customer Services

Leslie Hall | Customer Care Incident Manager | Customer Services

Karen from CCL is very happy with the outcome that Les and Julia from CCIM managed to obtain on behalf of Miss S, who was living in a property with no electricity to the kitchen and no heating/hot water due a possible leak from a stack pipe, with further investigation to be undertaken. An appointmen...

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Polyteck Team | Polyteck - Contractor

Polyteck electricians attended recently to the block and carried out repairs in the communal areas. Mrs Sollitt wants to let their seniors know that opearatives were extremely polite, friendly and cleaned up really well after themselves. She wants for them to be acknowledged for this and to let them...

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Breyer Team | Breyer - Contractor

AJS Plumbing | Operative | AJS - Contractor

May I take this opportunity to say,thank you so much, for AJS Plumbing Engineer and Breyer Electrical Engineer, who dealt very professionally with my immersion water heater issue. They were very patient polite and extremely professional as they worked through all the issues with respect to this ...

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Maggs | Operative | Polyteck - contractor

Mr A Jimale called to advise that Maggs, the Polyteck electrician who attended today is very polite and knowledgeable. He said he has never had this level of service from any previous operative whilst living here, and it is outstanding.

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Ray Graham | Electrician | AJS - Contractor (Internal)

Ray from the Out of Hours team attended a property which the AJS Day Team had failed to attend, for complete loss of power for 2 days. Ray was unable to fix the electrics upon arrival but went to his own house in order to collect a part he had, and return to the resident in order to repair the elect...

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Alan Robertson | AJS Ltd - Contractor

Today a gentleman, Alan (electrician), attended my property to carry out an electrical inspection of my night storage heater in the hallway, having reported that it was giving of unbearable fumes since moving in September 2015. A number of electricians have previously attended and were unable to ide...

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Alan Robertson | AJS Ltd - Contractor

After an on-going spout of electricians and plumbers coming out and then saying that they can not fix the problem, Alan came along. Alan not only fixed the issue, he also talked me through it. It was very clear that Alan knew what he was doing, he showed professionalism, he was efficient and friendl...

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TSG Team | Operatives | TSG - Contractor

Ms Clarke called to say a big thank you to the electrician/plumber who last attended her property from TSG, he worked really hard, wasn't on his phone and tidied up after himself and got the repair sorted in no time. She is really happy.

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Hayley Colman | Customer Relationship Manager | Property Services (Internal)

Hayley is always helpful when I have discussed situations with her where residents need assistance with issues in their homes. She is friendly, approachable and does all she can to try and resolve problems. Hayley has the human touch and is kind and caring whenever she speaks with me and the residen...

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Sara Mahjabin | Personal Assistant | C&S London (Internal)

Samantha Gibbs | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Christine Griffiths | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief (Internal)

Martin O'Donnell | PCF Community Programmes (Internal)

William Devereux | Caretaker Supervisor | Environmental Services (Internal)

Teresa Sparrow | Relief Care and Support Worker - Essex | Relief (Internal)

Carcious Siamsapu | Environment Caretaker | Property Services (Internal)

Michael Osei Kuffour | Environment Caretaker | Property Services (Internal)

Ijay Onyechi | Head Of Lettings | Resident Services (Internal)

Michael Procter | Environmental Operative (Grounds Maint) | Environmental Services (Internal)

Martin Howling | Care Support Worker Level 2 | C&S Essex (Internal)

Ian anderson | Joiner/ Multi-Trade | PMG Operations (Internal)

Keith Edwards | Development (Internal)

Neil Harrison | Customer Services Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

Olive Abraham | Community Safety Officer | Resident Services (Internal)

On 1 October 2017 a valve failure in a boilerhouse resulted in flooding and loss of electrical power at Darwin Court, a sheltered housing scheme for 80 older people in Southwark. The loss of electrical power meant residents were without,central heating or lighting, and had no means to refrigerate or...

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Derek Brown | Building Service Manager (CTH) | Subsidiaries - Old Oak & Charlton (Internal)

I received a call from UK power networks advising there is an issue with the electric supply in a block and they needed to know where the communal electric cupboard was. I called Derek, who not only answered my question, he realised that the door is locked and access will be required. He took it upo...

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Lea Davis | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Care Line

I was having a very stressful time with several water leaks from my upstairs neighbour and the electrics going out. Lea was fantastic. He was patient and calm, but clear about wanting to send an electrician around as soon as possible. I was not very well that day, and I was very miserable and cr...

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Daniel Turner | Electrical & Utilities Manager | Service Delivery

I would like to nominate Dan Turner for providing assistance/electrical advice to the contract management team, his wealth of knowledge and experience is vast and he is always willing to provide training and advice on the best and most suitable installations for the property and often goes out of hi...

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Levi Ceaser | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services

I believe Levi went above and beyond his duty in order to deal with my enquiry. Being new to Family Mosaic, I have needed much guidance in getting settled. Levi not only gave me valuable advice on my housing move but also went the extra mile in helping me to get my electricity utility sorted with Br...

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Claire Shelton | Outreach Support Worker | C&S Essex (Internal)

Claire has recently completed some excellent support with an elderly couple who were in a very difficult situation and had been for some time, not knowing who to turn too. This involved financial abuse, debts, hoarding, dementia and other health issues. The couple had lived in there own property ...

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Elliot Woolf | Customer Care Line Officer Repairs | Customer Services (Internal)

Following an issue with post going missing at one of my properties, I arranged for a trades buttons to be fitted so that the postman could access the building and deliver the mail securely through individual post boxes. There was also an issue with the front door which needed a door closure mechanis...

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